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Founded in 2010, Alpha Envirotech Consulting, Inc. (AEC) is an engineering consulting firm providing a broad range of professional services in environmental engineering, science, and policy. With its commitment to environmental stewardship, AEC empowers commercial, industrial, and government agencies with new ideas and solutions—at low overhead costs—every day.

We care about you. Acknowledging current worldwide economic circumstances, our main focus is to afford our clients quality services at a competitive rate — effectively providing an alternative to large environmental companies’ increasingly pricy services.

We serve the community. AEC employees are actively involved in community services, from volunteering in local schools to supporting the troops. We also facilitate technology exchanges between American and Chinese environmental firms to help improve the global environment.

We believe that knowledge is power.
Every AEC employee has an advanced degree. Our expert team is dedicated to fostering a higher understanding of environmental knowledge and providing clients with practical and technically feasible solutions.

We seek integrated sustainable solutions. As the world shifts to a greener perspective on business practices, AEC is leading the way in the industry, helping clients achieve and exceed sustainability by eliminating wasteful practices and promoting ecological health in the solutions to their complicated environmental issues.



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